Why Yo-Yo diets will never get you where you want to go

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It’s ‘Sugar-free September’… Let’s do this! Our bodies can get a break from all that EVIL food we eat all the time and DETOX!  A month without sugar is just what we all need!

Is it really?

My wife loves to garden. She waters her plants regularly. Sometimes a plant becomes unhealthy from having too much water. Her solution? Just don’t give it water EVER AGAIN!

Oh no, wait… that’s not it. She just learns to give it less water in general. And guess what, the plant gets better.

We treat our bodies with a weird, faulty logic. We figure that if we make ourselves unhealthy by having too much of something then it should be corrected by cutting that thing out completely. What’s faulty about this is that the problem was not having SOME of the thing, it was having TOO MUCH. Surely then, common sense says the cure is to have LESS?

This is the strange logic that underpins any extreme diet or ‘detox’ plan ever invented – the people who invent them think you are stupid

It goes like this: ‘Average Joe is unable to be responsible and balanced. He would far prefer to be told that (insert food here) is evil and wants to kill him so he should never eat it again’. Unfortunately, they are right TO AN EXTENT. People DO want extreme, mystical-sounding cures to fix their discipline problems rather than facing the reality that the great key to health is moderation.

‘Awesome! I can eat whatever I want, as much as I want as long as it doesn’t contain carbs?! I can do that!’

So off goes our happy carb-nazi (we’ll call him ‘Tim’). For 8 whole weeks he eats nothing with carbs in it… except that beer on Saturday… and the piece of cake because ‘hey, it was my wife’s birthday’… and the sweets, popcorn and coke because ‘Who goes to the movies without snacks?’.

Then, after being ‘so disciplined’ for ‘so long’ and losing very little weight, comes the problem. Tim comes off the carb-restriction diet because it’s ‘too tough’ and ‘these things are not meant to last forever’. Tim proceeds to eat every carb-laden food in sight as a knee-jerk reaction to having been ‘off’ them for so long. Tim is now heavier than before the eight week ‘diet’.

(I’m being nasty to carbs here… just an example though)

Dieters get stuck in an action-reaction cycle of elimination diet followed by binge eating on the previously eliminated foods. Net effect: weight gain.

At ATW Nutrition Coaching we believe in another way. A better way. Balance and moderation may not be ‘sexy’ marketing terms, but they are the ONLY proven tools for a successful relationship with food.

If you are one of the many who struggles to find balance the answer is not to declare war on your ‘problem’ food, it’s to get help from someone who will coach you into the balance you need.

Head over to www.atwnutrition.com to find out how we plan to help you get your best body and health.


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