Quality vs. Quantity – the danger of this debate

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One of the major misconceptions I believe dieters have – due to information they have been fed by the world of nutrition ‘science’ – is that as long as you are eating ‘healthy’ foods you can have as much as you like without getting fatter.

Look, I love steak and sweet potatoes as much as the next guy, but this simply IS NOT TRUE.

I think the notion that you can eat ‘as much healthy food as you like’ may have originated in a reasonable place. It’s the kind of thing that happens a lot with diet-related information: someone creates a diet where you can eat as much green veg as you like because green veg is ‘super good-for-you’ and very low in calories. Some people do the diet and get results, but discover that green veg is not the most exciting food to shove down your throat all day. So the logic goes like this – ‘green veg is healthy therefore I can have as much as I want. Nutrition guru XYZ says that steak with fat on it is healthy… And red wine… So instead of green veg, I’m gonna eat as much steak and red wine as I want’.

You see how this can get out of hand?


Yes, you possibly could eat as much green veg as you want and not get fatter. Heck, I would challenge anyone to eat more than 1kg of broccoli in a day and tell me you’re not sick and tired of eating. And if you could get through that much broccoli you would have consumed a whopping 350 calories.

1kg of steak? Almost 2000 calories (about a day’s worth) – and WAY easier to eat than the broccoli.

So here’s the thing. You need to eat foods which contain the right nutrients to optimize your performance. That’s the QUALITY part. Just don’t go thinking that if you get that right it’s a free-for-all in terms of QUANTITY.

If your body needs 2000 calories per day and you feed it 4000 you’re going to get fatter. ALL excess calories have to go somewhere. You don’t flush them down the toilet. They stay somewhere… And that somewhere is usually fat cells. Don’t pretend that just because you ate 20 bananas today you’re fine.

There is NO DEBATE. A successful diet is one where both QUALITY and QUANTITY are in balance.

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