How to make up for a day of ‘bad’ eating


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Yesterday was one of those days. We all have them from time-to-time. Those days when a set of seemingly unavoidable circumstances occurs and FORCES you to have a bunch of food you know won’t make you feel good. Whether it’s a friend’s birthday party where you ‘just HAD TO eat that WHOLE pizza’ or a family dinner where the mother-in-law was ‘force-feeding’ you chocolate cake – sometimes we fail in our mission to stick to some sort of plan when it comes to eating what (and how much) we know we should.

So yesterday was one of those days… what am I going to do about it?

Well first I’ll tell you what I’m not going to do…

1. I WILL NOT feel guilty – In reality, one day of poor food choices will make ZERO difference to my health and wellbeing or my bodyweight. If I’m eating ‘right’ 80 – 90% of the time I’ll be fine. Feeling guilty leads to a cycle of overeating which I have explained in previous posts. It does not benefit you AT ALL!

2. I WILL NOT starve myself – A day of eating badly is not corrected by starving yourself for the next few days. This is not a balanced way to live.

3. I WILL NOT allow myself to eat badly again today and into the weekend because ‘Hey, I’ve messed the whole week up anyway’ – Possibly the most common excuse around… ‘this has been a bad week so I’ll start on Monday’. Logical? I think not.

4. I WILL NOT try to make up for overeating on ‘bad’ foods by overeating on ‘good’ foods – Yes, people actually do this. ‘I had 4 chocolates today, so if I eat ten apples and a bowl of broccoli it’ll balance out the chocolates’. Ummm… No… It’ll just mean you had a bunch of extra extra (not a typo) calories in fruit and vegetables. It’s not like the broccoli and apples go into your stomach to defeat the chocolates and stop them from being used in your body.

OK. Now that those are out of the way, what WILL I do?

One thing.

I WILL return to my normal way of eating as quickly as possible and pretend yesterday never happened.

Yes, I ate too much yesterday. I don’t feel great today? Why? Because yesterday was not normal for my body, and my normal is healthy – it’s what works for me. So the best ‘medicine’ I can give my body right now is a strong dose of NORMAL eating.

You see, days like yesterday are a reality for EVERYONE (unless you’re that guy nobody wants to invite for dinner because of your silly diet). Make peace with that. If your normal eating plan is good for YOU then a day of poor choices won’t hurt.

Trouble is, most people need to rethink NORMAL eating. But that’s a topic for another post…

If you know your normal is not good for you, why not go to and schedule a nutrition coaching consult. We will help you find a plan that works for YOU. We don’t do cookie-cutter eating plans or fad diets that only work for a few weeks. Try it. 

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