How to LOSE WEIGHT while you’re at work: 5 Best tips

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LOSING WEIGHT is a 27/7/365 endeavour. One of the major obstacles to this is that real life doesn’t stop to give you a chance to shed the extra kilos – you have to do it while your busy life goes on.

For most of us, reality dictates that we are at work for one third of our lives – 8 hours per day. Here are some tips to keep the weight loss going while you’re at work.

1. Get your day started the right way

Waking up and doing some exercise and/or having some one-on-one time with yourself is the most natural way for a human to begin the day and get into a productive mindset. Yes, you will have to wake up a bit earlier – it’s worth it, I promise.

Go for a walk, meditate, work up a sweat in the gym – whatever makes you feel ALIVE.

The key:

You have to DO IT. Once the habit is formed it’s easy, and you’ll hate that it’s taken you this long to start.

2. Get your digestive system started the right way

Eating a healthy breakfast is CRUCIAL to losing weight for a number of reasons. Obviously, flooding your system with junk in the morning is counter-productive from a fat loss point-of-view, but it also affects the rest of your day negatively.

Try eating a sugar-filled breakfast and then being disciplined for the rest of the day – almost impossible! Plus the sugar rush, and subsequent drop will have you feeling terrible.

The key:

Find the breakfast that works for you.

The only rule is that it must be rich in protein, and contain as little sugar as possible – preferably none.

Suggestions: A couple of eggs and some fruit; a protein shake and some fruit; an omelette with vegetables; a smoothie with fruit and protein powder; or a breakfast cereal like NuWay or FutureLife.

3. Plan you meals for the day

Go to work with pre-made food for lunch, or have a plan as to where you are going to get a meal that fits with your nutrition goals.

Whatever you do, DON’T ALLOW YOURSELF TO WING IT. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This is extremely true for people on diet.

The key:

If you didn’t plan it, you aren’t allowed to eat it. It doesn’t matter how good that cake in the tea room looks, it’s not part of your plan.

4. Have an emergency plan

Having a secret stash of healthy snack foods on hand is a sure-fire way to escape cravings during the work day.

Fill a container with nuts, seeds and a few raisins and keep it in your desk drawer. If someone offers you a sweet and you feel like you can’t resist, have a handful of snacks from your container.

Feeling super tired and can’t keep your eyes off the clock, hoping for the end of the day?! Have a handful of snacks from the container.

The key:

Don’t eat the whole container at once. These are snacks. A handful at a time, maximum three handfuls per day. Otherwise you’re just kidding yourself.

5. Use the tea and coffee you pay for every month to your advantage

Every month, a little bit of your salary is taken away from you before you even see it in order to pay for the tea and coffee available to you in the tea room. You paid for it, use it!

Drinking hot drinks is comforting and keeps you full, plus it helps you stay hydrated. Many people mistake hunger for thirst so if you feel hungry, drink something before eating. You might find you were just thirsty.

The key:

Unsweetened hot drinks are the only hot drinks. Adding sugar or sweetener turns tea or coffee into FOOD (in terms of calories) rather than something you can essentially call ‘calorie-free’.

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