Flabby to flat – Get the tummy of your dreams with these tips

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A flat tummy is the Holy Grail of health and fitness.


Clothing looks better on you. You feel confident to wear that new bikini at the beach. You don’t have to hold a cushion in front of you when you sit on a couch to hide your ‘muffin-top’. But a flat tummy is more than just a confidence-boost. It’s also a fairly reliable indicator of overall health. We all know this – that guy with the massive beer-belly draped over his jeans can’t possibly be healthy right?

Going from flabby to flat is a journey that takes some work, but it deserves it.

Here are a few tips to help you on your way to confidence and great health:

Prioritize your macros:


The balance of macronutrients in your daily nutrition plan is critical. If you’re carrying a few extra kilo’s around your middle you are probably someone whose body deals better with fats than carbohydrates. A good starting-point for achieving the goal of a flat tummy would be to divide your plate into three sections. Two of the three sections should be made up of vegetables, and the other one of a protein food (meat, fish, eggs etc). Eat carbohydrates sparingly – maybe at one meal per day.

Get your portion sizes under control:


Most people who are overweight got there by eating too much, too often. You have to find a method of controlling your calorie intake that works for you. Common variants include three meals per day, 5 or 6 small meals per day, or one large meal per day. All of these methods have the potential to work or not work – the responsibility is on you to eat the correct amount, preferably without counting calories. I like to eat 3 times per day as I find eating 6 times too time consuming, and only eating once per day tends to make me feel lethargic. My rule for how much to eat? Stop when I feel 80% full. This works because by the time my brain feels 80% full I am probably actually satisfied.

Clean out your closet:


Getting enough fibre in your daily diet is one of the most understated factors in weight loss. Fibre gets your system cleaned-out, makes you feel fuller for longer, and helps regulate cholesterol. A good number to aim for is 25g per day. The great thing is, eating lots of vegetables and fruit takes care of most of your fibre intake every day. If you struggle to meet the requirement with food you can take a fibre supplement like Psyllium Husk.


Hydrate to deflate:


Dehydration is scary. It inhibits brain-function, affects joint-health, harms your hair and skin, and makes your body water-retentive (amongst other things). Water retention is bad if you want a flat belly because water retention makes you look bloated. Drinking more water causes your body to release stored water, causing your bloatedness to subside.

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One thought on “Flabby to flat – Get the tummy of your dreams with these tips

  1. Vuyokazi

    I love to eat vegetable more than carbs but I think I am preparing my vegetables the wrong way. I put herbs on them and a knob of butter. Is butter okay on my vegetable preparation? I tend to gain weight.