Dieting in Real-life

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Eating for weight-loss has become a complicated, all-consuming thing… It occupies our thoughts day-and-night and robs us of our free time.

The diet world is inundated with slogans, catch-phrases and buzzwords designed to help us figure out how to lose weight


‘Only eat natural foods’

‘Low carb, higher fat’

‘Only eat it if it runs, flies swims or is green’

‘Lots of smaller meals speeds the metabolism’

‘Eat a balanced diet’

…the list goes on.

Problem: these slogans DON’T WORK for anyone!

The intention behind these slogans may be good, but the people who create them – nutrition professionals – are often the only ones who know what they really mean. Add to this the idea that a normal person simply CAN’T do all of these things without giving up on their other responsibilities and we come to the reason most people give up on their diets.

But what if I told you that losing weight is easy?

Yes, you read that right – EASY. All it takes is some commitment and some help from someone who wants to learn about YOU and help you create a diet that works in YOUR situation. No ‘rules’. No ‘slogans’. No ‘magic bullets’ and ‘fat-loss pills’. Just a process of re-organising your mind and your relationship with food, showing you what changes to make to your diet and lifestyle in small steps and finding some simple ways of creating an eating habit that suits you and your desired life.

You don’t need a lot of information, you need a COACH or MENTOR

You will not change by KNOWING things. Heck, the internet is right there – all this information at our fingertips and people are still overweight and sick. You will change by doing things… the right things. But how do you know what to do for the best possible results? That’s where a coach comes in. ATW Nutrition Coaching is not about information, rules or slogans. It’s about coaching you to reach your goals one step at a time.

If want to lose weight the easy way why not check out our coaching packages at and book a consult. We want to help you change your life. 

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