Who Is ATW Nutrition?

ATW Nutrition is named after head coach, Andrew Travis Warneke (ATW) who has been there and done that when it comes to dieting and weight loss.

Battling the bulge from an early age, he believes he has found the keys to successful weight loss and management. Andrew bases his courses on helping clients form a healthy relationship with food, and developing a customised lifestyle plan that suits their individual tastes and budget. He focuses on long-term solutions, building healthy habits, and still ensuring clients get to eat what they love.

Who is Andrew Warneke?

Since I can remember I have loved food. My mom always knew where to find me when I was younger – I was wherever the food was! I used to spend all of my pocket money on sweets, and I became known as the ‘fat kid’ – getting picked last for sports, teased because of my weight, and reliant on my sense-of-humour to impress girls!

I was stuck in an unhealthy relationship with food. The more I ate, the fatter I got, and the sadder I got. But the decrease in self-esteem just led me to eat more. Right up until I was 17 years old I ate to comfort myself.

Tired of letting food win the battle

I was tired of letting food play a role in my happiness and I began studying nutrition. For a time, I researched it as a hobby but eventually signed up for a course so that I could get an official qualification.

My studies focused on body re-composition, and I used myself as a guinea-pig. I embarked on a journey which saw me drop from 85kg down to 70kg in around 6 months. My process was successful because I was ready for change, and I put a huge amount of time and effort into figuring out what was going to work for me.

Balanced lifestyle and body image

I continue to study and research nutrition, exercise, supplements and lifestyle factors with a focus on achieving a balanced lifestyle and building a good-looking body that stays healthy for the longest possible time.

I believe that BALANCE is the most important factor in living your best life and having your best body image.

In trying out so many diet-protocols I have identified the key elements for getting leaner, getting healthier, and feeling great. I have also identified why most diets fail. It makes no sense that with all the information out there, the majority of people can’t seem to achieve their weight-loss goals.

I hope you will allow me to partner with you in your journey to your best life.