5 Best things to do if you’re hungry but on a diet

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If you’re serious about it, dieting can be tough.

People always seem to be eating around you, you think you’re hungry all the time, and progress seems so slow that you feel like it’s not worthwhile.

Here are the best things to do when you feel hungry and it’s not meal-time on your eating plan.

1. Drink a BIG glass of water

We very often confuse hunger for thirst. More often than not a tall glass of water is what your body needs when you think you are hungry.

Start the day with a big glass of water and every time you get hungry drink water first. Wait 15 minutes and if you’re still ravenous have a fruit, some nuts or a piece of cheddar cheese.

2. Distract yourself

Sometimes we feel hungry when we are bored. If you’re sitting watching TV or fiddling with your cellphone and you begin to think about whatever is in the grocery cupboard you are suffering from boredom, not hunger.

Do something productive and the hunger will magically vanish.

3. Show yourself a picture of yourself…

…in your underwear. The moment you see yourself and remember why you are dieting in the first place you’ll make to it your next scheduled meal easily.

4. Do a free food challenge

Every time you’re hungry try to eat a whole head of broccoli. You have my permission… Eat as much broccoli as you want!

You’ll feel full instantly when faced with chewing your way through that fibrous veggie!

5. Call for help

Losing weight successfully is very much based on how much social support you have.

Whether it’s family, friends or a weight loss coach you NEED people who believe in you and who encourage you. If you’ve done all the previous four steps and are still desperate for a snack call someone who will talk you off the ledge.


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