Afraid of food? 4 Lies that the nutrition industry tells you (plus the only real secret to good health)

gummi bears 8467 1280 Afraid of food? 4 Lies that the nutrition industry tells you (plus the only real secret to good health)The journey to having your best body and optimum health – and keeping it that way – is won or lost in your mind.

The way you think about nutrition, what you believe, who you listen to, and how you choose to live are all factors in weight loss which ultimately boil down to choice – your choice.

Unfortunately many of us are so desperate to lose weight that we cling to anything that seems popular. If Dr. Oz said so it MUST be true… right?

4 Lies that the nutrition industry tells you, plus one truth…

Here are five ways you must change your mind about nutrition if you want to achieve the Holy Grail of a healthy life, and long-lasting dieting success.

Lie #1 – There’s a magic pill that will melt fat away

Anything that claims to be a ‘miracle’ or a ‘new discovery’ or ‘the one food that will melt off that fat’ is NONSENSE!

I think we have all seen enough telemarketing products to know that miracle products don’t exist.

Sure, some work for a short while and then break, but most are junk from the start. Advertising in the nutrition industry is EVEN MORE DODGY than telesales products. Why? Because everyone wants to lose weight, and weight loss is not a sexy product if there’s no ‘magic bullet’.

The new “ULTRA-DISCIPLINE, STOP EATING SO MUCH DIET” doesn’t sound so attractive right? So they get you to sign up for the “EAT ALL YOUR FAVORITE CHOCOLATES AND STILL LOSE WEIGHT PLAN” instead… Hell, I’m buying that! I love chocolate!

Lie #2 – Some food is just really bad

‘Certain food is bad for you’ – REALLY?!

If you can eat it, it’s food. Food isn’t good and bad like a hero and villain scenario. Food is neutral.

The way a certain food makes YOU feel or perform may be good or bad. Is that the food’s fault? I think not.

Here’s the thing: at Christmas time we all like to indulge a bit in foods that could be called ‘bad’. When we eat these foods, because we think they are bad, we feel guilty… So we eat more. You do that right? Thought so. And like teenagers who are brainwashed not to do drugs, we just WANT those ‘bad’ foods so much more!

How different would that be if you thought of all foods as neutral?

Well, for one, you might start to think about the value of the occasion rather than spending the evening feeling half guilty and half sick due to the vicious cycle of eating you engage in. If having a bit of desert at Christmas (or on a Friday night at home) makes that occasion more enjoyable, then the same desert may actually be a good food. It’s about achieving the right balance, and learning to view food in a more healthy way.

Lie #3 – Some food groups are really bad

There is no evil food group.

Piggybacking on the last point about all food being neutral, I’d like to point-out that there is no evil food group.

Just because a bunch of people have put together some bad science to say that xxxx is the macronutrient causing all of your health problems, does not mean it’s true!

Right now there is an assault on carbohydrates. We should blame all of our health and obesity issues on them. Brilliant! I love it. Just avoid carbs like the plague and I’ll be thin and healthy! Done! But wait, weren’t FATS the evil food not so long ago? And isn’t too much protein enormously unhealthy too?

And didn’t people lose some weight by going high-carb, low-fat? Yes? So then, shouldn’t I avoid fats and carbs and just eat whey protein powder all the time? Wouldn’t this make me a health-machine? But what if THEY find out that protein is also not meant to be eaten by humans? What will we eat then?


Refer to point 2. If something makes you feel bad, eat less of it. Don’t get out a soap-box and preach that it’s evil.

Lie #4 – Structure isn’t necessary in a diet

If you haven’t planned to eat, then don’t.

You are never forced to eat anything. You always have the option to say, ‘No thanks’. If you walk into the break room at work at 10h00 and there are doughnuts because it’s Shirley from accounting’s birthday you CAN wish her happy birthday and leave without shoving three doughnuts down your throat.

My rule is that if I didn’t plan to eat, I don’t eat. I generally have a good idea of how my day will work out when I get up in the morning. If I know I’m going to a business lunch and having dinner at home I plan accordingly, and eat at those times. There is no need to eat at any other time.

Eating a piece of cake does not make your good-wishes on someone’s birthday any more meaningful. But it does add 500 calories to your daily intake.

Truth #1 – The REAL diet secret

In point 1, I said there is no magic bullet. But actually, there is – it’s just not a ‘sexy’ one.

There’s an old saying that goes, ‘Everything in moderation’. This is the secret to weight loss and good health. Eat a variety of foods. Eat them in adult-like ratios (meat and two veg doesn’t mean a one kilogram steak and a pea and a carrot!). Eat until you are satisfied – not full.

Do this, and THINK about how it makes you feel. If it’s good, keep doing it. If not, change something.

What action can you take right now?

If you feel like you have fallen into any of these traps and need help achieving balance in your relationship with food take a look at We offer tailor-made coaching that will help you achieve your optimum health and best body.

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